“Flagellation Art” by Richard Jurgens on Madam Adista drawn by Gene Bilbrew, amusing burlesque ads, “The Young Woman and her Five Lovers” by N.J. Dawood, poetry, “The Temple of the Esteemed Lotus” adapted from Hsing Shih Heng, a 50s look back at the pulp covers of the 30s, risque birthday cards, “Chastity Belts” by Jurgens, “You Too Can Make A Survey,” Cartoons For Adults Only, “21 Monologs,” and more.
Artists/Photographers: Centerfold by Tom Cooper, toons by Kaz, Oakes, Vic, Green, Snart, Pichard, Aldebert, and more.
Models: Chesty Dahl, Rene Andre, Donna Busty Brown, Jeanne Smile, Anne Fleming.

filejoker.net/m3iffbissrr1/21 n04 (1956.Monogram) (DOM).rar

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