Steve Shaw, Martin J Golding,Ed Knorr,Roger Royall,Arthur J Peldleton, Hprace Whitman,Rober G White Ph.D, Stan Loft,Ron Goulart.


Bob Schochet,Harry Gregory,Harold Cline,Roger Whilkison,


Ginny Cutrone,Joanie Moar + Carla Gallo, Sue Kent,Ann Tussig.Diane George, Sally Bergguist,Gina DiPaolo,Sybil Franklin,Ginger Phillips,Shirley Drews,Trina Bova, Heloise Stahl,Sandra Deauteil (Cover Girl),Maryann Dempster,Karen Werner,Cynthia Marvel, Maria Prokaine,Dondi Penn,Jeanne Gourneau, Ace V7N6 May

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