Arts and Vanities-Sep-1926


De Mirjian, Whitely-Broady Studios, Shaw Pub. Company, James Wallace Pondelicek, Kay Studios


Charles Atlas, Irene Swor, Tyler Brooke, Vivien Oakland, Philbin Girls, Virginia Roach, Dorothy Dwan, Helmar Liederman, Violet Bird, Eileen Adair, Margaret Bordeaux, Dorothy Joyce, Eleanor Black, A.C.W., Peggy Penn, Flora Le Breton, Charles McNaughton, Alberta and Adamae Vaughn, Mary Astor, John Barrymore, Irene French, Stuart Holmes, Helen Claire, Levay and Hawkensen, Ena Gregory and June Marlowe, Maxine Lorenz, Dolores Brinkman, Harold Lloyd, Evanthea, Genevieve McCauliffe, Mlle. Ledova, Lilyan Tashman, Madelyn Lethe, Joan Crawford, June Ray, Carmel Myers. Arts and Vanities (1926 09 17.All Arts Group)(D&M).cbr

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