Man to Man-Vol-3-No-3-Apr-1952

Authors: World’s Largest Parade of Prostitutes, Are Dime-a-Dance Halls Immoral?, The Truth About Cannibals, Is There Supernatural Strength?, Coffee Can Poison You, Tragic Drowning of 1,500 People, I Took the Drug Cure, Why I am a Nudist, 33 Men and One Woman on a Desert Island, Too Old to Fight by Gene Mitchell, Why Did You Kill Me by Volney Lacy, and more.
Artists/Photographers: Cartoons by Treceno, Pom, Reiker, Ali, Beaven, and Yates. Illos by Schneider
Models:June Cornhill, Jean Gemay, Linda Williams.

Download: to Man v03n03 (1952-04.Volitant) (c2c) (D&M-DREGS).rar