Authors: George T Miller,James Hudson,Hank Reeves,Carl Damon,Charles McHarry, H.C. Semple,Clyde Hirt,Ray Hibbler,Milton C Lambert,Dr Irwin Ross.

Art Director:Gerald Repp, Art Editpors:Burt Loewenstein & Ronald Reggio

Models: Erica Huber,Judy Madison,Maurine Caffney & others.

Download:! v21n02 (1964-10.Volitant) (wrong centerfold).rar


Authors: Highlights include “Nudist Camps are Rackets”, “The Strange Sex Life of Boxers,” “How Hangovers Affect Virility”, “Vice Dens of Greenwich Village”, “The Menace of Peeping Toms”, Fiction includes “The Friendly Brunette” by Dave Dryfoos, “The Perfect Secretary” by Will Lozier, and “Gun Lovely” by C. Conrad Profitt.

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