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  1. Hi, my name is Juan Emilio (48 y.o.) and I write from Paraguay, South America.
    I have interested to buy the clips from CCC and Rodox, published on the magazines Sexorama and Sexual Fantasy from the 70s years.
    The list of the mags are this: Sexorama 05, Sexorama 06, Sexorama 08, Sexorama 12, Sexual Fantasy 12 and Sexual Fantasy 14. All the mags have two stories, and I want all the clips from them.
    I will search to find these clips in many sites from the net, to download it, but I don´t have success.
    Please help me, send me more informations to buy or to download these clips.
    The Sexorama 05 are published in other mag called Sex Jamboree, and this storie is published in 8mm film from Blue Climax film 1234 called Wide Open Woman.
    I wait for your reply, and sorry about my bad english language.
    Best regards. Juan Emilio Torres Enciso

  2. Dear Admin
    Firstly thanks for this great site, I appreciated your efforts, but I have one request and I wish that you’ll answer me about it: would please use other hosts to upload your posts like (gulfup, mediafire, 4shared, fboom ….etc) because the site you’re using it is not fit mostly with my internet server.
    With best regards.

  3. Hello,
    Do you have, or do you know where to find the adult loop “Diplomat Film No.1009 – Incest Love” ?
    Apparently it could be found on the internet a few years ago, but now all the links are dead and I can’t find it anywhere.

    Best Regards

  4. hi
    i need your help on finding the name of the old blond actress with the short hair on the cover of the film
    Diplomat Film 1049 – Secret Desire
    and maybe the films she played in

    thanks so much in advance
    best regards

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