Photos Page 48-51 by Mario Casilli.Suzanne Robbins..


Sally Lippeau,Sheila Brennan,Carla Camelli,Inga Swenson,Cheri Southerland, Donna Frey,Janie Thornberry,Eve Long,Barbara Wayne,Joanne Duncan,Pat Stockton, Trina Castillo,Betty Moss,Mary Alagia,Esther Decker,Adeliade Brandwynne, Lori Parr,Zsa Zsa Barnacky,Ronnie Wilson, Diane Harte,ERllie BachAnn Peters, Vikki Dougan,Nancy Lewis,Ginny Rogers,Betty Paris,Yolando Martino, Wilma Vane,Angela Finden,Jan Layton,Carol Long,Christina Scott,Windy March, Karen Delman,Peggy & Angeline Newsome,Joan Blythe,Jody Shaw,Rose Valez, Jonnie Nicely,Brigitte Riley,Suzanne Robbins

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