London Life-Jun-1947

Authors: Published by Amalgamated. Rosalind Wicks, Wolfe, Edgar C. Adkins, C.F.S. Hill, O.K., Phyllis Hastings, Rosemary Timperly, N. Wesley Firth, Samuel Napier, Bernard and William Botting, Nina de Luna.
Artists/Photographers: Illustrators and cartoonists – Fortunino Matania, Cottrell, Henry, E.M., RN Ward, Hooper. Photos- John Reed.
Models: Peggy Pryor, Carmen D’Antonio, Adele Mara, Jane and Marion Callahan, Gretchen van Merrill, Betty Grable, Dolores Grey, Josephine Hipple, Linda Christin, Gloria Graham.

Download: Life (1946-06.New Picture).rar

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