Man to Man-Vol-3-No-3-Apr-1952


World’s Largest Parade of Prostitutes, Are Dime-a-Dance Halls Immoral?, The Truth About Cannibals, Is There Supernatural Strength?, Coffee Can Poison You, Tragic Drowning of 1,500 People, I Took the Drug Cure, Why I am a Nudist, 33 Men and One Woman on a Desert Island, Too Old to Fight by Gene Mitchell, Why Did You Kill Me by Volney Lacy, and more.


Cartoons by Treceno, Pom, Reiker, Ali, Beaven, and Yates. Illos by Schneider


June Cornhill, Jean Gemay, Linda Williams. Man to Man v03n03 (1952 04.Volitant) (c2c) (D&M DREGS).cbr

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