Popular Cartoons-Vol-8-No-24-Jul-1973


Toons by Baxter, Ward, Damato, Wenzel, Brown, Patterson, Schochet, Jake, James, Lesner, Henri, Herman, Omans, Keyes, Priscilla, Lutner, Kimbrell, Omans, Machamer, and many more.


Doris Parker, Teri Martine, Annette Moore, Lisa Larson, Linda Lovelass, Toni Webster, Melba Davis, Jill Cartere, Vicki Carson, Alta Stewart, Marilyn Moos, Teresa Gordon, Lydia Pearson, Mimi Monner, Ronnie Lee, Brandy Vega, Cathy Masters, Carol Himmer, Della Pearson, Marilyn Wood, Sally Dixon, Kathy Gordon, Elizabeth Gorvig, and Annett Johnson.


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