Ralph Vessucia,Roger Elkin,Julian Brown,Samuel Meldorf,Ted Mark, Harry Gregory,Stanley Grover,Charles V.Nemo,Jack Wright,Hank Gross, Ken Noble,


Illustrations Page 28 Mort Gerberg, Illustrations Page 48 Norman Hoifield, Cover Photo by Ron Vogel.


Linda Morrisey,Charlotte Ball,Reva Romann,Cindy Cole,Shirley Riggs,Anna Hakim, Marie Smyth,Laura Stevens,Laura Lind,Anita Bleckert,Candy Hanson,Barbara Jannett, June Smith,Audrey Maye,Sherry Davis (CoverGirl),Kay,Creager, Corinne Chambord,Winde Holiday Scamp V5N4 Jan

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