Authors: A fresh scan of a burlesque magazine from Country Press (Fawcett?) edited by Fred Feldkamp. Stories include A New Twist on Broadway, Big City for a Day, Bathing Suits from a Bottle, Big Game American Style, Carburetor Carnival, Paulette Always Gets Her Man, The Hard Road to Screen Fame, Blow-Ups, Hollywood’s Good Girl Lets Go!, A Hot Time in the Old Town, It’s Fun to Be Fooled – Even When You’re a Magician, It’s a Living, Manhattan Beach, and Jump Joint on the Delta, my favorite feature, a ride to the wild side exploring a black juke joint in New Orleans a reflection of race attitudes of the day, fascinated and condescending at the same time.
Models: Jerri Vance (Contortionist), Sylvia McKay (Miss Unconscious in the bodypainting feature), Paulette Goddard, June Storey, Elinor Troy, Yvette Dare, Betty Sharoe, Margie Dean.

Download: v01n02 (1940 10.Country Press)(Darwination McCoy).rar

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