True War-Vol-2-No-5-Jul-1957



A sweat magazine published by Magnum. Old Sarge Says, 1,000 Nights of Babes and Booze, Why I Fought for the Nazis, They Ate My Buddies Flesh, Slaughter in Frostbite Bulge, Shack Up Heroes of Bang Bang City, The Week We Almost Lost the War, The Sex Spies of Yonchon, Why the Russians are Winning the Missile Race, Bloody Path of the Golden Arrow, Death March 1853


Cartoons/Illos by Engle, Micarelli, Sorrentino, Holfield


Jerri Osaki	After Hours v01n02 (1957.Warren).cbr	French Night Life Stories v03n01 (1936 07.H.M.)(D&M).cbr	Men_v27n08__1972-08.MMC_.cbr	The National Puton Press v01n04 (1969 04.New Frontiers)(D&M).cbr	True War v02n05 (1958 07.Magnum)(D&M).cbr

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